How Long Does PRP Last For Hair?


Do you need a solution to your hair loss? Have you ever heard of PRP for your hair? How long does the treatment last? PRP treatment is an option if you have thin hair or a hair loss procedure. PRP therapy is a relatively new procedure that uses the patient’s platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for treatment. PRP is one of the most exciting techniques in hair restoration today, and gaining popularity among men and women who want to combat hair loss. 

However, the healing depends on the body’s healing abilities as the serum comes from blood. Therefore, the durability of the hair loss treatment depends on your blood. If you have been considering PRP for hair loss treatment, you might wonder how long it will take to start seeing results. This revolutionary treatment can help you look, feel and live better. How long does PRP for hair last though? Here’s what you need to know.

Requirements for PRP treatment

However, before exploring the durability of the PRP treatment, you need to know that every patient is unique. Hair loss can happen from medication side effects or chemical products. Sometimes it transfers genetically from the body’s immune system. Poor diet or heat-styling products damages the hair with exposure to pollution. 

How does PRP treatment work?

PRP is entirely different from dermal fillers with external formulations. It uses the patient’s blood to heal them. The process is organic and naturally free from chemicals or allergies. It involves using the patient’s platelets to boost the healing process safely. 

It has a rich concentration of proteins and regenerative cells in the blood. The treatment starts the restoration process after injecting a plasma-rich protein into the tissue. It enhances the restoration and separates platelet plasma from the red-white blood cells. 

The patient undergoes anaesthesia before injecting platelet-rich plasma to numb the area. Doctors start with an extraction process called a centrifuge to treat the blood. After the treatment, doctors keep the platelet-rich plasma blood inside a syringe and inject it into the scalp. It goes into the area of hair loss and starts the healing process. PRP targets the damaged cells and tissues to begin restoration. The hair growth stimulates with every injection and increases blood flow inside the follicles. It is a crucial area carrying proteins and nutrients to promote hair growth. 

How long do PRP treatments last? 

The extraction and blood nurturing process take thirty minutes to an hour. PRP therapy is a non-invasive procedure without affecting lifestyle. The recovery time is low, and patients can proceed with their routine. 

The treatment procedure is safe for all without nose bleeding, pain, or irritation in the scalp. The injections do not have discomfort or effects on overall health. 

However, the results from the PRP treatments are not permanent. It requires eighteen months or two years for the outcome. Many patients lose hair in between and need extra sessions with one month’s break. 

Post-treatment procedure

Doctors suggest changes and healthy routines for the effectiveness of the treatment. There are post-treatment instructions that determine the durability of PRP treatments. 

  • Refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Throw chemical shampoo or hair products
  • Take regular checkup sessions

Following these guidelines will heal the scalp quickly and extend the timeline of the result. 

Scalp massage

Patients opt for gentle massages on the scalp using warm oils. It stimulates the scalp and prevents dryness. This procedure is ideal for more hair after the treatment.

Eating habits

Adequate proteins, fruits, and vitamins nourish the scalp and follicles. Vitamin A, C, and biotin make the hair luscious and voluminous. Blood circulation stimulates enhancing the PRP treatment. 

Number of PRP treatments

The dermatologist customizes the diet plan and sessions to match the requirements. Patients follow a standard protocol to maintain the appointments. Doctors cannot answer the question- how long do PRP treatments last? 

Doctors recommend four sessions at the initial stages with four weeks intervals. It starts with booster sessions from the first month. The sessions depend on the shots in twelve months. 

Hair mass index

Doctors test the effectiveness of the PRP treatments using the HMI tool. It assesses the scalp and counts the number of hair in a specific area. It is an accurate and sensitive tool to enhance hair growth.

There are digital images to analyze the hair pull tests. It measures how the patient is responding and clicking photographs. The pictures come from different angles to assess the result.

Effectiveness of PRP treatment

The results of the PRP treatment depend on the healing capabilities of the patient’s body. Taking good care of the nutrition, scalp, and sleeping habits enhances the results. PRP treatments do work because there are hundreds of case studies. It is one of the ways to gain confidence and self-esteem post-hair loss. 

How do you qualify for PRP treatments?

The PRP injections benefit different people from the following groups-

Males notice bald spots or hair thinning at mid-age years. Women suffer from hair loss extensively for seasonal changes or poor nutrition. Those suffering from alopecia benefit from PRP treatments. It is a genetic condition resulting in hair loss.

People between eighteen to seventy years of age opt for PRP treatments for stress levels. The condition is not chronic and alleviates after the treatment. PRP injections thicken the hair and promote hair growth from follicles. The treatment is safe for everyone without adverse health reactions. 

Consult a dermatologist before opting for the PRP injections for the correct procedure. It is an all-natural, minimally-invasive procedure that uses a patient’s blood to encourage hair regrowth. 

Bottom line

The popularity of cosmetic treatments like PRP hair restoration is on the rise, and with so many celebrity influencers talking about it, it is no wonder. Do you have any other questions on PRP treatments? Would you like more information about the therapy sessions? Reach Park Lane Medical Aesthetics for expert consultants. They provide cosmetic therapy treatments and personal consultations. The company works with clients to meet their targets.

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