How Long Does It Take for Botox to Work?


Accepting ageing isn’t for everyone. Why should it be when there are various ways to take care of the signs of ageing? Yes, it is possible to reduce the signs and get glowy skin, which is the foundation of youth. A skin which is charming and free of wrinkles. If you are ready to take relevant and drastic measures to restore your youth on your face, this is for you, the guide to botox treatment.

Botox is the ultimate solution if you want natural, wrinkle-free skin. Skip the efforts that you put into your makeup routine to achieve a wrinkle-free look. With botox, you need not try viral hacks and natural remedies to reduce or eliminate the signs of ageing. Because it simply won’t exist anymore.

Facial lines and wrinkles are nothing but the weakening of the muscles as they age. Botox is a drug inserted within the muscles that cause the weakening of the muscle fibres by interfering with the activity of the nerve ending. As a result, wrinkles or facial lines are not formed by preventing the contraction of the muscles.

What is Botox?

Botox is a neurotoxin generated by Clostridium botulinum. This bacteria is popularly used for many medical treatments, such as neck spasms and migraine. Recently, it is also popularly used for cosmetic treatments, such as wrinkles. 

In 2002, the FDA approved different types of Botox injections for using it in cosmetic treatment procedures. Here are some medical conditions in which Botox is currently being used tremendously –

  • Cervical dystonia – In this condition, the neck muscles contract tremendously, with an involuntary mechanism. This causes the head or neck to move in an awkward or tight position causing severe pain. Botox treatment prevents the neck muscle movement, preventing cervical dystonia.
  • Lazy eye- Lazy eye is a common medical problem, in which the muscles around the eye begin contracting involuntarily. It results in flinching of the eye and is easily treated by Botox injection.
  • Muscle contractures – Muscle contractures is a painful medical condition, caused due to neurological problems. Botox helps attain temporary relief to the patients.

How does Botox injection exactly work?

The botox injection is an intramuscular injection, which is supposed to be injected within the muscles directly. Using a 22 gauge needle, the bladder botox is filled into the injection and inserted directly on the site. The injection is inserted near the facial muscles, just under the dermis. This neurotoxin causes paralysis in these facial muscles, making them lose the ability to contract. After insertion, the medicine enters the extracellular region on the application site. Here, it diffuses in the nearby area till it reaches the nerve endings.

How long does Botox take to work?

Botox is a neurotoxin drug whose action differs from person to person. While most patients get the maximum effect of the drug within a month, it may vary individually. 

Here are some factors that may affect the result of Botox treatment in you-

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Type and volume of Botox used
  • Skin’s elasticity
  • The muscle mass

If you are planning to take the Botox treatment make sure to ask your doctor for all the possible complications. Common side effects for botox include swelling, redness, pain, etc. In most patients the side effects often reduce with time. However, if it continues to remain, you must consult your doctor. If you have any allergies or are on any medications, make sure to inform your doctor of the same. This may hamper with the Botox treatment, and even cause severe side effects.

How long does it take for botox to start working?

As the botox is injected, it may take one to three days to start showing its effects. Some factors may cause delays in the action of botox. They are- 

  • Area of the treatment
  • Volume of injection
  • Physical activity of the facial muscles

How long does it take botox to work fully?

Most patients often take around one week to reach the maximum effect of botox. However, it differs greatly for different people. 

Why does it take time for botox to work?

Botox is a neurotoxin that reaches its maximum effect when it reaches the nerve endings of the nearby muscles. This requires it to reach the cellular level of the muscles. This may take time, depending on various factors. The major reason that delays the effect is the width of the muscles, that is, the muscle mass and the elasticity of the facial muscles. The immunity of the patient and their body’s ability to cope with the Botox treatment, can also have a contribution to the delay in Botox to work. This also includes allergies and existing medical conditions that may interfere with the drug action of Botox. If it takes over a week for Botox to show its signs, make sure to book an appointment with your doctor and inform the same.

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