All you Need to Know About How Bladder Botox Injections Work


Botox is a popular treatment used for Cosmetic reasons to reduce facial lines and wrinkles and prevent the effects of ageing. However, that is not the only one used for both for it. If you have lost bladder control, botox work of an effective treatment option that helps maintain blood control. Loss of bladder control is a common disease, especially in people of old age. It is caused due to weakening of uterine muscles. Too many people also cause mental, physical and social suffering. In normal conditions, once the urine deposits in the urinary bladder, the bladder muscles begin contracting to hold the fluid within it. Once the muscles become weak, they lose that a passed to contract. Thus, the fluid, that is, urine, can easily release

What happens in case of an overactive bladder? 

If you ever have an active bladder, here or a few things that you will commonly notice:

  • The urge to urinate shall increase tremendously and suddenly
  • Losing the ability to control urination or hold the urine within the bladder 
  • Increase in the frequency of urination 
  • Disturbed sleep due to urination

There are several cases where one experiences a loss of bladder control temporarily. For incidence, if you have extreme stress, in high cold conditions, during nightmares, sneezing or coughing, experience a little loss of urine. This is common amongst most people and is not a reason for worry. Stress and loss of bladder control go hand in hand. However, it might be time to see a urologist if you begin having an episode more commonly occurring without any cause.

Botox treatment for Bladder Control

A popular treatment option for loss of bladder control is botox. Botox is a neurotoxin drug that affects the nerve ending of the muscles. There hampering the normal muscle activities of the uterine muscles to help with an overactive bladder. Thus, the muscles shall be more relaxed, giving you time to urinate. Thus, reducing the number of urine loss incidences.

Botox treatment is done by injecting a small amount of fluid directly at the side of the muscles. This is not at all painful to most patients. Female patients often compare it to the occurrence of a period cramp. Once you have taken an injection, it may take 2 to 4 days to show its effects. Most patience takes up to a week for the treatment to reach its maximum effect. After treatment, the effect of one injection lasts up to 6 months, which varies from patient to patient. Once the effect of botox is reduced, you can reach your urologist for the next dosage.

Even though loose blood control is not a part of normal signs of ageing, it is commonly seen in people as they age. Most people hide their symptoms rather than visit a doctor. In most situations, negligence results in the aggravation of symptoms. Early diagnosis can also help prevent diseases and come with easily treatable solutions. Visiting a doctor as soon as you begin showing signs and symptoms of losing bladder control is ideal.
With early diagnosis comes several treatment options that your healthcare provider or urologist can provide. Thus, it is ideal for identifying the symptoms and reaching out to your doctor soon.

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